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Some things about me is that i like to play Minecraft. If you don’t know what Minecraft is let me tell you, Minecraft is a free build video game were there are two modes, creative and survival. Creative is were you can build whatever you want and you have all and unlimited items in your inventory.  some stuff i have done in creative is build a huge base with a sort of hanger for TNT missiles wit a secret door that leads you to my horses stable, my base also has a armor swapping station and a combination door.
Now lets talk bout survival in survival you basically gather resources and make a house and get better stuff and craft armor, when you have the good stuff you have to kill a lot of rare mobs that drop rare items then with the items you craft eyes of Ender’s. once you have 12 yes then you use them to find a portal that you get 12 more ore keep the other ones to put an the portal once you do that, it turns on then you jump in, once your in you defeat the Ender dragon and beat the game. I personally haven’t beat the game yet with out cheating mainly because I don’t have the patience.  

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  1. G’day Jackson,
    Thought I would leave a comment on your post but mainly to mention that it is considered shouting to write in capital letters. It might be better to change your font to lower case and not underlined as it makes it difficult for your visitors to read easily.

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