Reason behind my avatar

Reason Behind My Avatar


The reason behind my avatar is, I wanted to make an avatar that described me.  I like to cook so I made a chef. I also like to act like a chef, for example I will go around the house during a party and take everyone’s order. when i get there orders I write them down on a post it note, then i go in the kitchen and put the post it notes on the table and help the person who is making the food, by making some too.
I think i’m good at cooking I feel like I am almost a master at it. I have a lot of family recipes that i usually go by and i also hold the secret ingredient to my nana’s “famous” pancakes. I also have made my secret ingredient to lemonade, by the way it’s……….lime juice. I also chose this avatar because my favorite you tuber has a puppet that’s a chef.


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  1. I like your avatar. I agree in how you wrote it it fits how you described it. Show us how you cook next post. That would be cool. Visit my edublog it is

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