My Favorite Holiday

My Favorite Holiday My favorite holiday is Christmas!!!! I love Christmas, because every year I look forward to traditions. Before we get into traditions I want to  explain who do we do them with and why. We do these traditions with our next door neighbors, i know not a lot of people are really in […]

My project

Some of my major accomplishments are that I wrote an email to my mentor. This is good because now I have a mentor to help me get supplies and drive me places. Some other accomplishments are that I contacted the principal to use the gym. My December goals are to contact the board. I would […]

My Passion

Bryan Ochalla via Compfight      My passion My passion is playing video games. I mainly play video games when I can. I am good at video games because I got an Xbox when I was younger and I already had a Wii before that. Ever since I stated playing the Wii, I practiced an hour […]